Ulteo Labs

In the Ulteo labs we are experimenting with different technologies and components of our Open Virtual Desktop infrastructure solution. You can learn about different projects that are in alpha or beta stage but are not yet productized or have yet to be used to build our official products. The labs are community-oriented and supported, Ulteo does not provide help and services with experimental developments.

Current developments

We have a number of ongoing developments at Ulteo:

  • OVD Multimedia processor: an add-on to OVD that is intended to decrease bandwidth usage and improve multimedia contents.
  • OVD HTML5 access: this is a new way to access an Open Virtual Desktop session just using a browser that supports HTML5
  • OVD server for Linux: this is a module that transforms a X.org server into a fast server for OVD
  • OVD clients for tablets: lets users use an iPad or Android tablet to access an Open Virtual Desktop session. OVD client for iPad / OVD client for Android

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